The Ghost
The Shadow
The Bad Guy
The Cleaner
The Whisperer
Q. Why would I pay you?

A. Don't pay me. You can probably do it yourself.

If you don't want to hire someone to do it, you can figure it out - you got this far. If your project is pretty defined and you're interviewing consultants, you should hire one of them. I don't enjoy slogging through work that "anyone" can do.

I am brilliant at work that only I can do.

I don't hide my process - ask and I'll tell. You can do it yourself, and get results - your results. Or hire me, and get the results I catalyze. Or, try something else altogether - I'm daily filling this site with links to lots of other people's good ideas.

Only pay me to do something you want done by me.
Then, we'll both be happy.